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You don't have to just take our word for it. The reviews are in and the people have spoken. The VR Zone is one of the premier entertainment venues in Southeast Georgia.

Tony S.

Chattanooga, TN

"The VR Zone is awesome!  Plenty of games to choose from and switch between.  You'll wanna try this!"

Dylan H.

Locust Grove, GA

"I was skeptical and didn’t think VR games would be very fun to play because they are still very new. However, I gave the VR games a shot and they are awesome! They are really immersive and fun to play."

Trey H.

Orlando, FL

"The VR Zone is awesome! The games they have make me feel like I am in a completely different world. I really feel like I am a part of the game. It is totally crazy!"

Brady B.

Canton, GA

"I’ve always loved video games. But once I tried out the games at the VR Zone, I thought to myself, This is exactly what I used to dream of as a kid. This is the pinnacle of video games."

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